Premium Gourmet Recipes

The rich, intense flavors of our popcorn are created using a combination of simple and natural ingredients. All of our popcorn is hand crafted in small batches in Kalamazoo, MI.

Made fresh in small Batches in Kalamazoo, MI

Gourmet Popcorn pictured on a fresh charcuterie board.
a bag of our gourmet Jalapeno cheddar popcorn pictured in front of a fireplace next to a few fresh jalapenos.
The fresh, fragrant dill and garlic used to season our gourmet, small-batch popcorn.
The pioneer of our woman-owned small business is pictured snacking on a bowl of our delicious popcorn.

Meet Kari

I'm passionate about popcorn. I've created rich and authentic flavors using simple ingredients that start with high quality locally sourced kernels. I want this to be the best popcorn you have ever tried.